This, here and now, presents us, ourselves, you, I, them and the others, with the potential to experience life in a manner in which art is implicit and inherent in its trajectory. This is an invitation. This is an event held to instigate action and upend consciousness. This is our response to our immediate environment, as we interact with its vital, dynamic components—which, as you read this, now includes you.


We live in an over-saturated world. Things—objects, images, data—proliferate. Things get used in a manner in which the original function of an object has filled its purpose so many times that now it presents itself as an element in the nature of an urban civilization, an ambiguous testimony to the process of entropy, especially concerning globalization and capitalism.


This is in no way a critique, or form of criticism. This is no statement for or against; it is simply an invitation. The objects present here tonight vary in numerous ways; however, in this context, the purpose they serve us, and reasons they have been placed here is to suggest that, within each and every one of us, the potentiality that is the energy which keeps art in perpetual motion, the presence of it in every aspect of our daily lives.


We ask and encourage you, with due consideration to the people as well as the things around you, to engage with the materials you see here—move, rearrange, connect and disconnect the objects. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to participate in this action, as it is like life, a present, a gift, and whether and how we choose to live with this gift, is up to us.


Art, like life, is at its best a transformative experience. Time is precious, finite. Yet as this moment passes, another presents. If you are here, choose whether to not to act through participation; we hope you allow yourself to engage, or better yet, experience, this, the here and now of it, whatever it may be.